Music Is Life

Listen to Lisa Ferraro and Erika Luckett and experience the sound of the Global Heart.

“Fire and honey. Lightning and gold. Fusing earthiness with the transcendent, their combined voices blend so seamlessly we forget there are two of them and the multifaceted guitar playing is so versatile that one instrument becomes a funk band or a trio of flamenco playing gypsies.”


Meet Lisa & Erika

Our Music

Goddesses on the run!

KKCR, Kaua’i, HI

I’m intoxicated, inspired, profoundly moved. Your music is a gift for my soul.

Huntsville, AL

Two amazing voices, two brilliant minds, and acoustic guitar playing that’s so good, I’d call them a trio!

Oakland, CA

I don’t believe I have ever been so moved by a performance. A magical experience.

Calgary, AB


Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith, Agape International Spiritual Center

Folding laundry was sacred tonight. It was just me, the basket of clothes and your music. And now, even writing this almost seems ridiculous because there are no words fit for the way your music makes me feel. It’s like you have to see my face or put your hand on my heart, while I listen, to understand. I woke up different this morning…less shadow, more light. And I have your wake up songs to thank. So thank you, thank you from the very depths of my awakened soul.

Dallas, TX

Thank you for sharing such passionate and inspired music, reminding me that truth and beauty and excellence can coexist. You remind me to be unyielding in expressing my highest form.

Cincinnati, OH

Your music is pure inspiration – the eternal NOW in song

Denver, CO

Lisa and Erika have world-­‐class talent, for sure, but what leaves their voices and guitar magic in the dust are the lyrics, the passion, the love, and the connection that bond everyone in the auditorium together as they give out the energy of the universe.

Emeryville, CA

The first time I heard Lisa and Erika sing, I was literally blown away and infused with a powerful, spiritual feeling of being connected with God and all that is. I didn’t understand at the moment was happening other than I wanted to experience more. The faith I had was deepened with a knowing that I was in the presence of divine spiritual teachers who touch people deeply with their gifts of music. As I continue to be around Lisa and Erika my own spirituality and faith deepens. I believe that they are here to raise the consciousness of the planet and I feel blessed to have gotten to know them and their music.

Lisa and Erika sing about the world I want to live in.

Sebastopol, CA

Damn right!

Dayton, OH