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Life launches with breath. Like a deep sea diver piercing the water’s surface, we emerge with an initial gulp of air. This yearning and receiving marks the start our human unfolding - our last exhalation, its final punctuation.  Breathing is fundamental to our existence but usually goes unnoticed, lost in the hum of activity.  Our fragile and miraculous lives begin and end with breath - every moment of the journey is stitched with this silvery thread. Perhaps like most of us, I can overlook what is [...]


Creative Mysticism


I’m offering you an invitation. It’s simple but defies simple explanation. It’s both a journey and a singular destination. It is immediate and timeless. It’s now and forever.  It’s science and spirit, energy and matter, particle and wave. It’s a resounding symphony and a faint whisper. It’s a dive and an ascension. Creative Mysticism is an approach to living rooted in wholeness, where intellect, intuition, and imagination coexist in service to something greater than the individual.  This is the launch of a blog that meets at [...]

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