I’m offering you an invitation.

It’s simple but defies simple explanation.

It’s both a journey and a singular destination. It is immediate and timeless. It’s now and forever.  It’s science and spirit, energy and matter, particle and wave. It’s a resounding symphony and a faint whisper. It’s a dive and an ascension.

Creative Mysticism is an approach to living rooted in wholeness, where intellect, intuition, and imagination coexist in service to something greater than the individual. 

This is the launch of a blog that meets at the intersection of contemplation and creation.

It will explore how we can grow through challenging times by learning to see wholeness through the fractures and create lives of meaning and beauty regardless of circumstance. 

Let’s begin by pretending.


Like we did when we were kids. When imagination was as much a part of us as breath. When questions were doorways instead of walls. Let’s imagine that we’re here to remember who we really are.  Let’s exhale with wordless wonder or the giddy excitement of noticing the steady stream of miracles in our midst – the flight of a butterfly, the way rain splats into a puddle, how the puddle reflects the skyline and the way the skyline pulls our gaze beyond the clouds and into the incomprehensible vastness of the cosmos.  Let’s pretend we’re all waking up from a collective game of amnesia and are beginning to remember who we truly are.

As we begin to wake up, we stretch into the possibility that everything that’s “wrong” in the world or in our individual lives is exactly what we need for our evolution. These challenges are here to grow us, to wake us, to coax us into a greater expression. Like the chick who feels it is suffocating before cracking through its shell, we can perceive the problems we’re experiencing as catalytic constrictions- difficulties that grow us rather than diminish us. Re-imagining our lives is where we begin.

What if?

What if?
What if
is an opening for love?
Frustration, an invitation
for patience?

What if
every wound
weeps its own balm for healing?
Every question beckons an answer
like rhythm inspires a dancer
to move
and express
the thing
                that has yet to be

Life generously offers
a steady stream
of uninvited guests,
unsolicited opportunities,
to shake us
from listless slumber-
the accident, the quiet sorrow, the inconsolable cry for what can’t be solved.

What if
when life breaks in a way unplanned
light shines through the fracture
giving us a chance to understand
the riddle within the mystery?
Our present is our history
until we heal our past.

What if
suffering grows compassion
conflict settles into understanding?

What if
in this ever changing day to day
every trouble that comes our way
is an opportunity
to grow and evolve,
to reveal a new direction,
a truer expression
always closer to perfection…?
Meaning –
clearer, nearer
to the dear Beloved One.

What if
you and I
the bees and the bear
the stars and the sun
together embody
the singular presence
of the Infinite One?

What if
we move beyond
“what” “where” “why” and “how”
and simply ask
“What would Love do now?”

©2017 Erika Luckett/Pranavasonic Universal